The Breaker.

My favorite manga so far, although it does have quite a bad beginning…

Anyhoo this lovely manga is drawn by Park Jin-hwan and written by Jeon Keuk-jin. It’s just come to the end of part 1 chapter 10, and I just foundout Park Jin-hwan is also the person who wrote ArchLord (It got turned into a game, but had bad graphics) so I might pop off and read it. But some back ground info!

Now for the characters,

Lee Shioon (Shi woon his name changes through the translations)

I like this picture! But luckily he doesn’t look like this most of the time, although all the characters make really odd expressions sometimes..

Shioon is a normal 1st year pupil, well actually he’s not, he’s bullied and friendless, and a coward too. But after being mopey for a while he developes some resolve and gets his act together and begs his teacher to teach him marshal arts after having seen Han Chun Woo beating up some men.

Just a warning if you don’t like spoilers stop reading this bit and go and read it, but they arn’t very big spoilers only teeny weeny ones, but Chun Woo refuses to teach him,  and Shioon is persistant fighting back against the bullied to show Chun Woo that he is not a coward, sucessfully getting knocked out and fainting alot even jumping off a bridge to show his willingness. His teacher eventually tells him to piss off and come back when he’s fitter, at which point he does but in his time of getting fitter the school nurse, gives him some red mineral to eat (well pill really) making him have a sezure. But it does make him stronger, and then Chun Woo starts to teach him martial arts…

Han Chun Woo

Argh! Now it took me so long to do this post that i cant remember how to do the pictures properly! And yes I realise that makes me sound like a idiot,but Ah well! Now it took my tired brain some time but there we go!

Anyway this person is Han Chun Woo also known as the Nine Arts Dragon on account of him being totally kick ass, just to say it simply, but at the end of part one he’s not as good as everyone thinks but still really good, if you don’t understand what I mean you’ll just have to read it!

But the Nine Arts Dragon is a wanted man, and being hid in the nine arts school, (ironic, i think so!) where he meets Shioon, who pesters him on and on and on. He’s normally quite silly but gets more serious through out the series when at the end he just becomes a monster!



There are many other characters but those are the two main MAIN ones, so  I think that’s enough for now ’cause I just want you, my lovely reader (who could probably spending their time doing something worthwhile than reading my not very good break downs, but thank you anyway!)  to go and read The Breaker, cause its now finished and is onto the second half called New Waves apparently but I yet to get my hands on it, but when I do find the latest chapters I’ll post links here!


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