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07-Ghost Anime

Normally I don’t watch anime ’cause I get bored and I can’t concentrate I’d rather read the manga but because 07-ghost is one of my favorites I though I’d make an exception and I’d heard quite a few good comments about it.
So if you like 07-ghost I would watch it but the manga is much better, and the Ghosts arn’t involved as much which is annoying ’cause I love the Ghosts. It also ends just as they’re leaving the church but it makes a good pause ’cause it they want to do a season 2 it’s an easy place to start. But if your bored watch it, and if you haven’t read it yet, read it!!

But now it’s put me in the mood for Soul Eater, so I might go and reread that. I can’t be bothered with new stuff at the moment despite my loooong list of stuff to read so I’m just rereading everything, I might read D.Gray-man as well. But I shouldn’t. I should be revising for exams but oh well!


Bleach – Chptr 428 + Special

Well Bleach… There were some nicecolour pages but I’m curious as to why Ichigo was on the page with all the bad guys? Then a couple of Skeletons…

What that guy is not Aizen? Sorry I’ve been being an Idiot the past couple of break downs because he looks sooo much like Aizen! But Aizen is all locked up in Soul Society… Anyway he proves that Ichigo dosn’t know that much about his family but before they both get too angry his boss jumps in, and when he leaves we see the new bad guys! Now I’m wondering how are they gonna be more powerful than Aizen?  Tessai and Jinbi do their normal act, and Karin is visiting the Urahara shop and getting Hollow repelling stuff, She dosen’t have to pay either! because Urahara apparently owes Ichigo alot? I can always remember  Ichigo getting help off him not the other way round. Karin seem grumpy so she might be the next main protagonist of the story. And Ichigo see’s her leaving and wonders why she goes there. Aizen look a like asks Ichigo how much he knows Urahara and warns him to protect his family and prepare while he still can. Seriously if Urahara is the bad guy I will be SOOOO annoyed! But Ginjou is obviously a bad guy and might even manage to trick Ichigo who is not the brains in the bunch. I didn’t really like this week it was just really pointing fingers and being grumpy.

But the special, was okay. It was just really introducing the bad guys and alot of shouting, and some dead Espada. OKay to read but nothing actually happened.

One Piece – Chptr 605

I love Luffy, and his weird ideas! And the whole crew really I liked this one piece ’cause you finally got to see a glimpse of their powers. But I might update this post tomorrow as I’m falling asleep. Sorry!

Okay so I finally got round to updating it, sorry I’m useless if i don’t sleep, I have a friend who survives on about 4 hours a night, 4 hours! I start getting grumpy if it gets around 6. Anyway getting back on track, I liked this week and not just because it was kick ass but it was nice to see some of their new talents. Although it was generally their attack but bigger, but it was still nice to see some improvement. But I’m thinking if they’ve got to be this good for the New World what about the other Supernovas? When Luffy fought with Kid and Law it seemed like they were about as powerful as Luffy, and all the supernovas were about the same and they’ve been in the New World for two years now (except Law) so they would have got stronger but surely they would have just got their butts kicked, although Jewellery Bonnie did! Oh now I want to find out what’s with her and the Marines!

But yeah, the Kracken was beanten baaadly as no surprise, but He did destroy Caribo’s ship before he got beaten by Luffy, Zoro and Sanji who were coated in their own bubbles, like diving suits.  And they are all given a lifeline but of course they all drop it and go. Franky, Robin and Chopper also hit a tentacle or two with their new attacks and Chopper looked like he just head butted the tentacle? Luffy used his colour Haki to harden his third gear! Sanji ran out of his bubble across the sea?!?! and kicked the Kraken. But Zoro in typical fashion just cut up on of his tentacles into pieces. I like it when Luffy was worried they were going to cut off all of it’s tentacles and so it couldn’t be his pet. What was that about the Shark? A shark suddenly appeared for no reason really so it’s bound to turn up later, maybe it’ll find the other three, who because  they didn’t take their lifelines got dragged away by the current and lost.

They’re now at the next level the ‘underworld’ of the sea. And because it’s dark they need light so Franky lights up his nipples… okay, Robin also used her imagination skills and says really morbid things.. So back to normal One Piece!


I’m actually rereading the Breaker finally but only really reading my favorites bits, I also read chapter 189 of Ares which is good and hopefully it’ll only be a week until the next release..

But here’s a bit that I like.

07-Ghost – Chptr 58-61

It made me soo happy when I found theese chapters so I’ll spread the happyness about!

But they’ve entered the Hawkzile race and are winning (no surprise there) and not much happened in 58 and 59 apart from that but Teito got all worried about Frau when he froze and his ghost came out to guide him to a warm place. Then after Frau was defrosted Teito got kidnapped by a Wars who Frau then killed so that was all fine but Frau nearly ate Teito soul ’cause it was yummy looking and Lab and Glasses turned up which was nice. What I found most interesting was about the two Ghosts in the miltiary and what they are doing whether they are traitors or too undercover…

I need more chapters to come out! So I might reread 07-Ghost instead of The Breaker.

Fairy Tail – Chptr 212 And Special

Well, fairy Tail chapters are alway quite quick but this one was speedy. But it was good to find out abit more about Gajeel ’cause I always wondered how he managed to get accepted into Fairy Tail, but I just shrugged it of as in ‘it’s Fairy Tail they all become friends at the end.’ But I have to say the chicken evil guy? seriously? And the Seven Kin one looks like Natsu and another Lisianna. But compared the chicken the Goat must be kick ass!

In the special Lucy is being stalkerish and following Happy and Natsu, so she can follow them home… She was intending to surprise them but then got grossed out by the condition they were living in. But its really sweet that Natsu left a note on the quest saying it was the first one he did with Lucy! But then he also kept her maid outfit which is abit creepy… But thinking how nice it all was she cleaned up their house and waited for them to come back and after getting bored and going home she found them in her room, which wasn’t really much of a surprise.

New Waves – Chptr 6

New Waves this week was okay but I really want it too pick up and I’m thinking about rereading it again for the umpteenth time ( I’ve probally thought about rereading it soo many times as well.

But nothing much happened apart from finding out how the Murim is very unsettled and it’s likely they’re going to have a clash with the real world. Yoo Ji-Gun is the new bad guy who has also transferred into Shioon’s school but is is Sahee’s class instead, so it’s finally nice to have a name to a face. And Jinie is just getting frustrated being in school.

Apart from that not much happened but it was quite informative.

Heres where you can read it:


YAAY! I’ve just found a couple of 07-Ghost chapters!