D.Grey-man 200

Argh! I wish D.Grey man was a weekly release!

Kanda and Alma escape off through an ark gate, while Allen gets shouted at for not killing Alma cause his feelings? are still attacking everyone. BUT then at the end as Allen was trying to save Tokusa he got bound by Link?!?! Well I’m not really that surprised at that but I’m curious when Allen will become the 14th or whether the Noah’s will try and get at him again…OoH! But it was quite nice seeing what everyone else was up to too but we didn’t get to see Lavi and Bookman! Aww I love thoose two they’re so funny!

And One Piece 603 came out! So it was a good day today! But now my Internet just went as I’m writing this and that’s pooey. But Kuma? whats he doing? i’m curious about that, he was alway the best of the seven warlords, (Internets back!! yaay. But those guys chasing the Straw Hat’s well i thinks that’s just abit pointless ’cause they’re just going to have the poop beaten out of them. to show off their new skills. But cool fat guy with the axe is getting into the story, he’s got some personality but I hoped he wouldn’t be a marine but he is now… SNAJI’S EYEBROWS! I can’t get enough of them! They both got the same way! Amazing! Oda has a good imagination, who would have though of that?


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