New Waves – Chptr 4

Well, the start was quite boring with the mysterious girl kicking the poop out of the Strong Dragon School who weren’t all that strong, guess you can’t judge a book by it’s name. But then Ajussi turned up and introduced her as Miss Kwon Jinie who is one of the top 5 in the Sunwoo clan that all together was not all that surprising ’cause I reckon most of us has guessed that.

Although the person watching the fight from the window was a bit more interesting and a new character who is trying to do a deal with another new character (who I swear I recognise her from somewhere) and they seem to find either Shioon or Kwon Jinie a problem, for me I think Kwon Jinie ’cause she’s just in the way being superstrong and they want Shioon dead for revenge or to use him for something (I think the second one is more likely because otherwise it would be a really boring story) or Shioon is a problem because he’ll get his Ki back and running and become superstrong like Jinie but still act like a noble idiot.

Then they all got whisked away to the Sunwoo mansion to meet 4 old men, who I think will help him get his Ki back and running and of course they have to do that because otherwise it’ll just be boring, abit like Bleach at the moment.

Haha! Wench! Good old translators, it’s like when they translated Franky in OP saying ‘forsooth’. but it does brighten my day! And makes the manga much more entertaining!

EDIT: I knew I recognised her from somewhere! she was in the first chapter of Part 2. Idiot.


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