One Piece Chptr 604- Biiiiig Fish

I though chapter 604 had already come out, but here I was reading it today. Well, not too much happened except meeting the Kraken which I guess must have happened at some point during OP, because it has to make an appearance in any story connected with the sea or pirates. But before that the pirates got attacked by Caribo? But Nami recognised the Moofish that used to hang around with Arlong, but then Moofish remembered Sanji, Zoro and Luffy! Remembering them he ran for it (or rather swam away) which I though was quite wise.

[Sorry I’m not doing this in order just what I found most interesting]

Because Moofish swam away Caribo was stranded on the Going Sunny and started singing a different tune being faced by the Straw hats, but in the end he just got tied up, and then forgotten about because of Nami being amazing and proving her navigating skills even underwater. Then They come faced with the KRAKEN! Dum Dum DUM! And then Luffy in his normal fashion wants to beat it up! Finally a chance to see Luffys new amazing powers, hopefully well finally get to see them in action after he’s only really proved them against weaklings.

Ohohoh! What do you call a fish with no eyes?



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