I NEED good Manga!

All of the stuff in Italics is just me being grumpy so you have been warned!

I can’t really find any interesting manga at the moment. Today I read about 3 series and they were all okay but nothing special, and I don’t really feel like reading the new chapter of New Waves (chptr 5 I can’t find it at the moment anyway but I wasn’t looking very hard so just google it) and I tried rereading Ares but then just skipped read the interesting pieces. Ah well, I’ll have a break tomorrow anyway ’cause I’ve got to go to work, and I’m busy most of next week so hopefully that’ll help. But I do want to read but i cant find anything interesting.

So if you recommend any good ones please say! Or I could just watch Jumper (a film recommened by a friend, try it?) or Misfits…but I’m not very good at watching TV….

Oh! But the Oneshot Moon Walker was quite good.

And the more I think about how grumpy this post is I also realise I quite like Dengeki Daisy, and I got up to date yesterday, I like it and I’m glad I finally started it ’cause it’s been on my to read list for ages! But I really want another 07-Ghost release to come out too.

UPDATE: I tried looking for the chapter 5 but the A-Team release it a day ago so it probably won’t be on readers till tomorrow ’cause of their 48hr rule, so I guess we’ll have to wait abit longer.

I just found out that the scanning group Coyomoose has shut down (they actually shut a while ago but I only just found out), so I’d like to say thanks to the group. But now I need to find out how I can read Five?!?! So I might just have to buy then like [Switch] and scan them in. So I should probally start saving ’cause it’s gonna cost alot on post and package!


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