New Waves – Chptr 5

I finally managed to find chapter 5 late last night and I was tired so I left it until after work today to do it, so I’d better go and reread it now…

-wonders away and gets distracted by something shiny-

-remembers and comes back-

Oops Sorry! Anyhoo. So in this chapter Shioon meets the elders of the Sunwoo clan, and they have a bit of a chat. Well actually they just be rude to him a bit, and make him prove he is actually temporary head by showing them the Phoenix medallion. And they give him a bit of a bow and insult him some more, well the tall man in the black suit does. They explain the significance of the medallion and how it means Shioon has all the Authority of the head of the Sunwoo clan. A few more insults. Then Shioon says he doesn’t want it and gives it back saying Sosul must of not know the importance of the item when she gave it to him.

The elders are abit like ‘Err What?’ for a few panels the one always insulting him (black suit) says how the Sunwoo clan is better off without him anyway. But another elder (glasses) realises how Shioon must have seen the power the Sunwoo has from what he’s seen already and has another reason for giving it up and comments that since he was handpicked by Sosul he isn’t actually a push over.

The the elders leave apart from fancy robes and Jinie appears and askes if he’s rejected leadership why don’t they just leave it at that and get rid of him. And Fancy Robes wants to push Shioon into a corner and make him beg the Sunwoo clan to help him, and had ordered Jinie not to protect him but not let him die either. Fancy Robes is also Jinie’s Grandpa, which just adds more into the mix. At the moment I kinda want less enemies ’cause he’s got rather alot of them and more getting powers back.

Shioon thought it was because of the Medallion that he was still getting attacked but Gyu-Bum explained how it was actually because he was the Nine-Arts Dragons disciple, and that gives me the author is just trying to clarify everything at the moment ’cause I though it was obvious.

But because of that Shioon is getting undercover security.

Oh I forgot to put the link, Sorry!


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