Soul Eater – Chptr 80

I quite liked this Soul Eater which is good because I was starting to wonder off it, but it makes me want to read it again. So another rereading project and even less sleep!

I really like Noah, he’s a good character and the way he collects things fasinates me so I hope they don’t kill him now that Black Star (such an annoying name!) and Kid have gone uber-powerful. Poor Maka left behind and Soul being a Death scythe and all! But I am curious what this monster released at the end is, ’cause Kid seemed to think it was special and not just your average monster with graves on it’s back, I think it looks like a Death god gone wrong. Or it could just be your average monster… who knows?

I’m also reading Dolls by Naked Ape at the moment, but I’m not sure whether I like it or not. My suggestion is if you want something to read and have no other ideas try it but don’t expect much.


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