Bleach – 427 + Chopperman!

I quite like Bleach this week, and it’s planted a seed of hope, which will hopefully continue to grow but it might just get stomped on the plot. But okay I admit the first half was pretty crappy (What’s with the ramen?) but it was kinda obvious he’s gonna get his Reatsu back somehow otherwise it would be the end to Bleach, like in the Breaker he has to get his Ki flowing again. So it wasn’t much of a surprise when he said he sensed reatsu coming from Ichigo. Ishda’s hair is soo annoying though! I don’t like their changes in appearance apart from the younger ones, Jinta! He looks fun!

But it got more interesting in the second half with Aizen pointing out that Ichigo dosen’t know much about his daddy and it seems he’s gonna become important. But Urahara is interesting plus an amazing character but he had an odd reaction, so it seems like he dosn’t know everything like he normally does and also Karin turning up at the Urahara shop…

But Chopperman wasn’t very good but then again it was only two pages!


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