Fairy Tail – Chptr 212 And Special

Well, fairy Tail chapters are alway quite quick but this one was speedy. But it was good to find out abit more about Gajeel ’cause I always wondered how he managed to get accepted into Fairy Tail, but I just shrugged it of as in ‘it’s Fairy Tail they all become friends at the end.’ But I have to say the chicken evil guy? seriously? And the Seven Kin one looks like Natsu and another Lisianna. But compared the chicken the Goat must be kick ass!

In the special Lucy is being stalkerish and following Happy and Natsu, so she can follow them home… She was intending to surprise them but then got grossed out by the condition they were living in. But its really sweet that Natsu left a note on the quest saying it was the first one he did with Lucy! But then he also kept her maid outfit which is abit creepy… But thinking how nice it all was she cleaned up their house and waited for them to come back and after getting bored and going home she found them in her room, which wasn’t really much of a surprise.


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