07-Ghost – Chptr 58-61

It made me soo happy when I found theese chapters so I’ll spread the happyness about!


But they’ve entered the Hawkzile race and are winning (no surprise there) and not much happened in 58 and 59 apart from that but Teito got all worried about Frau when he froze and his ghost came out to guide him to a warm place. Then after Frau was defrosted Teito got kidnapped by a Wars who Frau then killed so that was all fine but Frau nearly ate Teito soul ’cause it was yummy looking and Lab and Glasses turned up which was nice. What I found most interesting was about the two Ghosts in the miltiary and what they are doing whether they are traitors or too undercover…

I need more chapters to come out! So I might reread 07-Ghost instead of The Breaker.


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