One Piece – Chptr 605

I love Luffy, and his weird ideas! And the whole crew really I liked this one piece ’cause you finally got to see a glimpse of their powers. But I might update this post tomorrow as I’m falling asleep. Sorry!

Okay so I finally got round to updating it, sorry I’m useless if i don’t sleep, I have a friend who survives on about 4 hours a night, 4 hours! I start getting grumpy if it gets around 6. Anyway getting back on track, I liked this week and not just because it was kick ass but it was nice to see some of their new talents. Although it was generally their attack but bigger, but it was still nice to see some improvement. But I’m thinking if they’ve got to be this good for the New World what about the other Supernovas? When Luffy fought with Kid and Law it seemed like they were about as powerful as Luffy, and all the supernovas were about the same and they’ve been in the New World for two years now (except Law) so they would have got stronger but surely they would have just got their butts kicked, although Jewellery Bonnie did! Oh now I want to find out what’s with her and the Marines!

But yeah, the Kracken was beanten baaadly as no surprise, but He did destroy Caribo’s ship before he got beaten by Luffy, Zoro and Sanji who were coated in their own bubbles, like diving suits.  And they are all given a lifeline but of course they all drop it and go. Franky, Robin and Chopper also hit a tentacle or two with their new attacks and Chopper looked like he just head butted the tentacle? Luffy used his colour Haki to harden his third gear! Sanji ran out of his bubble across the sea?!?! and kicked the Kraken. But Zoro in typical fashion just cut up on of his tentacles into pieces. I like it when Luffy was worried they were going to cut off all of it’s tentacles and so it couldn’t be his pet. What was that about the Shark? A shark suddenly appeared for no reason really so it’s bound to turn up later, maybe it’ll find the other three, who because  they didn’t take their lifelines got dragged away by the current and lost.

They’re now at the next level the ‘underworld’ of the sea. And because it’s dark they need light so Franky lights up his nipples… okay, Robin also used her imagination skills and says really morbid things.. So back to normal One Piece!


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