Bleach – Chptr 428 + Special

Well Bleach… There were some nicecolour pages but I’m curious as to why Ichigo was on the page with all the bad guys? Then a couple of Skeletons…

What that guy is not Aizen? Sorry I’ve been being an Idiot the past couple of break downs because he looks sooo much like Aizen! But Aizen is all locked up in Soul Society… Anyway he proves that Ichigo dosn’t know that much about his family but before they both get too angry his boss jumps in, and when he leaves we see the new bad guys! Now I’m wondering how are they gonna be more powerful than Aizen?  Tessai and Jinbi do their normal act, and Karin is visiting the Urahara shop and getting Hollow repelling stuff, She dosen’t have to pay either! because Urahara apparently owes Ichigo alot? I can always remember  Ichigo getting help off him not the other way round. Karin seem grumpy so she might be the next main protagonist of the story. And Ichigo see’s her leaving and wonders why she goes there. Aizen look a like asks Ichigo how much he knows Urahara and warns him to protect his family and prepare while he still can. Seriously if Urahara is the bad guy I will be SOOOO annoyed! But Ginjou is obviously a bad guy and might even manage to trick Ichigo who is not the brains in the bunch. I didn’t really like this week it was just really pointing fingers and being grumpy.

But the special, was okay. It was just really introducing the bad guys and alot of shouting, and some dead Espada. OKay to read but nothing actually happened.


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