07-Ghost Anime

Normally I don’t watch anime ’cause I get bored and I can’t concentrate I’d rather read the manga but because 07-ghost is one of my favorites I though I’d make an exception and I’d heard quite a few good comments about it.
So if you like 07-ghost I would watch it but the manga is much better, and the Ghosts arn’t involved as much which is annoying ’cause I love the Ghosts. It also ends just as they’re leaving the church but it makes a good pause ’cause it they want to do a season 2 it’s an easy place to start. But if your bored watch it, and if you haven’t read it yet, read it!!

But now it’s put me in the mood for Soul Eater, so I might go and reread that. I can’t be bothered with new stuff at the moment despite my loooong list of stuff to read so I’m just rereading everything, I might read D.Gray-man as well. But I shouldn’t. I should be revising for exams but oh well!


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