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D.Gray-man – 202

I LOVE IT SOOOOO MUCH! Loads was mentioned but it might just be because I’m overwhelmed by it’s awesomeness so I’m not going to write anything just yet ’cause it will only really be me screaming like a fangirl! So I’ll come back and edit this post later but please READ IT! I’m gonna read it again! and probally the whole thing again now!

UPDATE: Sorry I wondered away for a couple of days… but I’ve still got to go and reread the series! The Earls reaction towards the last chapter was abit odd I found because I though he would carry on acting llike normal but this reaction is like he doesn’t want the 14th to join then but only really kill him. But more importantly Lavi is ill with bits of Noah! and Chaoji too. The Noah are forcing Bookman to tell them all that he knows about the 14th by putting parasites in Lavi and Chaoji, but it also mentioned something about the Bookmans first successor dying and I can’t remember reading anything about that or in Lavi’s battle against Road there was nothing about it there and also Lavi’s exclamation mark made it seem like he didn’t know anything. Also (soo much!) Bookman knew the previous Noah’s well! But ‘usher the traitorous 14th’? I didn’t really get that bit or make any connections with what it could relate too.

Meanwhile Link seems abit out of it daydreaming about Allen when he’s meant to be giving a report about him. All Allen seems to be doing is sleeping and not eating. But I liked it when Link brought the porridge from Jerry for him. Zhu Mei said Kanda must be dead because of Mugen rusting meaning they are not compatible anymore. The Science division wanted to experiment on Allen to see if they could remove the 14th but were not allowed, and eggs got thrown at them along with someone saying ‘Noah should be executed’. What looked like a priest also got hit but said to Johnny that Allen wouldn’t be killed… he appeared later saying the Heart was worried about Allen so I figured that means Allen’s innocence isn’t the heart and there’s a fair chance Lenalee’s isn’t either.

But before that Link visits Allen with Jerry’s porridge and shouts at him a couple of times for not eating and the first thing Allen says was sorry for attacking him. Link then talks about the Exorcists abit, and says how it was his fault because he gave some dark matter from the Akuma egg to the inspector. It also makes Allen think about ‘if’s’ thinking he could have been friends with the thirds and perhaps could have saved Kanda and Alma and how he hates the 14th without knowing anything about him, wether it could change things? That causes Allen to become Noahish and Mr Priest (actually a cardinal) appears saying Link can’t let Allen sleep because then the 14th will appear and he’ll heal Allen because the Heart is worried about him. One of the Noah’s talking to Bookman said the Earl told the Noah to protect Allen from the Heart with their lives. So maybe something will happen if the 14th/Allen meets the Heart. But I don’t think the Cardinal has the heart innocence rather the heart innocence acts through other innocence.

Wow that’s a long post. Got abit carried away…


New Waves – Chptr 10

Ahh! he’s dead but not? So at the moment Jinie is the weakest apart for Shioon who is dead… She jumps onto the roof and finds Shioon supposedly dead (Sorry thats the third time I’ve said that) so getting angry about that she attacks Kang Sera who is a master and proceeds to chuck her off the building. But Jinie grabs onto the railing and stops herself falling off  and has abit of a shout at Kang Sera, who then tells her Shioon isn’t dead. And with amazing timing just as she leaves Shioon wakes up a wee bit dazed, annoys Jinie for having a secret.

Then theres a go back in time thingy… when Shioon and Kang Sera were talking on the rooftop. She tells him he is going commit suicide by jumping off the roof, but Shioon says somethings that really mean him asking why and she says its because Goomoonryong killing her Grandpa. She changes what she says and tells Shioon to bring Goomoonryong to her in one weeks time if not her vengeance will be directed to Shioon instead. Then he passes out thanks to the tea.

EDIT: I’ve been meaning to reread the Breaker for ages and I just did it throughout out the whole after noon (about 4 hours? straight, well not really afternoon anymore since it’s 1h00) but it made me realise why I loved the Breaker so much in the first place and gives me more hope for New Waves. So stick with it, and if your getting bored reread the Breaker!

More Manga please!

I think this is about the third time I’ve complained about running out of manga, despite having a list as long as my arm of stuff that is on my to-read list. But I really want to read something Good! The last really good manga I found was Ares… and that was ages ago! So if anyone out there has any good manga they would like to share, regardless of what genre it is, please share! I’m getting so annoyed, I’m starting to go back to anime!

Sorry there were quite alot of exclamation marks. I got a wee bit worked up. But really I should be doing work ect instead so maybe it came at a good time for a break.

One Piece – Chptr 609

Wow, I didn’t think OP was coming out this week but here it is out on Christmas, and a Happy Christmas everyone too. Well, what happened? Some royal Fish/mermen in not quite sure which one these were but they came round to try and find the people who illegally entered Fishman island but Sanji was being hugged into a mermaids breasts and had abit of a huge nosebleed loosing lots of blood. And because Sanji is a rare blood type they’ve got to find some blood for him. So Luffy beats up a couple of the baaad fishmen pirates and they go to where there are Humans to try and find some blood. But it turns out that the Fish/Mermen who came along (Neptune Princes?) actually wanted to give Luffy a message from Jinbei who had to leave because of reasons to do with not being a Shichibukai anymore…

I miss One Piece

Because of the double Jump last week there’s none this week, but I’m wondering if there will be any at new year? But I saw this picture and it made me miss OP.

New Waves – Chptr 9

Okay so after finally remembering which direction to read in, so Shioon is walking up many flights of stairs to meet who? Yes, that girl and the first thing he thinks is how good looking she is…. They have a nice cuppa tea together and introduces herself as Kang Sera and says he’s gonna die in a minute. Meanwhile Jinie is struggling to keep up with Ji-Gun who eventually stabs her in the shoulder with his finger after telling her that Kang Sera wants revenge on the Nine Arts Dragon for killing her Grandpa so is going to kill Shioon, Jinie realising how she actually quite like Shioon fights a bit better until she gets finger stabbed then she jumps up the building to find Shioon lying on the floor. Probably not dead ’cause that would just suck.

Haha! I’m also really happy now because I just discovered I can cross only one eye! If you don’t get what I mean I don’t blame you, but basically when I go cross eyed only one of my eyes goes into the middle the other just carries on looking forward! It looks really freaky!