D.Gray-man – Chptr 201


Okay, so maybe I got abit too excited… But I really liked this chapter despite not much happening and it brough the latest arc to a conclusion but setting up the next one brilliantly. It starts with Allen still being bound by Link and feeling funny about Allen ’cause the Fourteenth keeps on taking over and appearing. And The Third Exorcists are going crazy thinking that Allen killed their brother and then Allen gets attacked and saves by Timcampy who is HUGE!  But then all the third exorcist get capture by the Earl with the Ark Gates, who then says they will become his pawns (’cause he can manipulate their Akuma inside of them). I quite like the Third Exorcists because they make it more interesting so it’s not just Innocence vs Akuma. The Earl says he will also come back and collect Allen soon because he can not live freely now, because of the Fourteenth and the chapter ends with him and Timcampy being imprisioned.

I really want to read the next chapter! Btu there are lots of things that haven’t been fully explained or haven’t really come into the story yet despite being hinted, I’m really curious about Lavi’s eye, and his other seals, also Tykki going into like a super Noah, as well as Allen technically being a General because of his sync rate.


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