One Piece – Chptr 606

I finally realise how full Oda panels are compared to other mangas’, like bleach half the panels aree just blank with really simple backgrounds. Although D.Gray-man’s have got better in the recent chapters.

Well, not much really happened but I suppose how much can you fit in 15 pages? But looking for the fearsome trio Carbio escapes but is found pretty quickly but it makes them remember is Logia Fruit but Franky seals him in the barrel he was hiding in. Gotta love Franky! But I forgot about the flying Dutchman coming along and then their monster attacking the Going Sunny. But the gets beaten by the Kraken who has be successfully tamed by Luffy and now, Luffy named him Surume (means Dried Squid, Oh I love OP!) and they all appeared squished in Zoro’s bubble. And it ends with even more problems with the volcano going to erupt!


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