New Waves – Chptr 7&8

Sorry I’d been avoiding The Breaker because nothing’s really been happening, well same in most of the manga’s in reading except Bleach, with OP in still just happy it’s back.

Well, getting down to business, I did like the Picture at the start of chapter 7 it gave me hope, but then they go and do not much till the end of the chapter. What happens is Shioon and Jinie go hope and he discovers she lives next door, and his mum calls and says she wont be back , so he invites her over to supper, which she’s grateful for ’cause she didn’t have any proper food. She eats alot and leaves. But when she leaves Shioon gets a phone call from Yoo Ji-Gun (long haired bad guy who had inviteed Sae-Hee out the previous chapter.)  who tells him Sae-Hee can’t answer at the moment but if Shioon wants to save her he’s got to go to a suspicious place alone. Shioon is just leaving and Jinie hears him and notices him leaving and goes after him. He uses the stairs. She jumps off the roof. Win.

Shioon arrives where Ji-Gun is and not much surprise he’s been bluffed and Sae-Hee has gone home. Ji-Gun just wants him to go and talk to someone in the building, I think it might be that girl who he was originally with when the were watching the fight with the Katana and Jinie. Meanwhile Jinie is watching and thinking about wether to help him or not, because of her Grandpa’s orders but also remembering how nice Shioon has bee to her. And Shioon is just about to enter the building with two guy’s in masks (the popped up when Ji-Gun was talking)  when Jinie kicks them in the face and grabs Shioon and shouts at him a bit. But Ji-Gun attacks Jinie and is good because she can’t sense his movements. They exchange a few hits, well really Ji-Gun is poking at Jinie and she’s being pushed back as he tell the two masks to take Shioon into the building.

But it’s nice that something has finally started to happen.


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