New Waves – Chptr 9

Okay so after finally remembering which direction to read in, so Shioon is walking up many flights of stairs to meet who? Yes, that girl and the first thing he thinks is how good looking she is…. They have a nice cuppa tea together and introduces herself as Kang Sera and says he’s gonna die in a minute. Meanwhile Jinie is struggling to keep up with Ji-Gun who eventually stabs her in the shoulder with his finger after telling her that Kang Sera wants revenge on the Nine Arts Dragon for killing her Grandpa so is going to kill Shioon, Jinie realising how she actually quite like Shioon fights a bit better until she gets finger stabbed then she jumps up the building to find Shioon lying on the floor. Probably not dead ’cause that would just suck.

Haha! I’m also really happy now because I just discovered I can cross only one eye! If you don’t get what I mean I don’t blame you, but basically when I go cross eyed only one of my eyes goes into the middle the other just carries on looking forward! It looks really freaky!


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