One Piece – Chptr 609

Wow, I didn’t think OP was coming out this week but here it is out on Christmas, and a Happy Christmas everyone too. Well, what happened? Some royal Fish/mermen in not quite sure which one these were but they came round to try and find the people who illegally entered Fishman island but Sanji was being hugged into a mermaids breasts and had abit of a huge nosebleed loosing lots of blood. And because Sanji is a rare blood type they’ve got to find some blood for him. So Luffy beats up a couple of the baaad fishmen pirates and they go to where there are Humans to try and find some blood. But it turns out that the Fish/Mermen who came along (Neptune Princes?) actually wanted to give Luffy a message from Jinbei who had to leave because of reasons to do with not being a Shichibukai anymore…


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