New Waves – Chptr 10

Ahh! he’s dead but not? So at the moment Jinie is the weakest apart for Shioon who is dead… She jumps onto the roof and finds Shioon supposedly dead (Sorry thats the third time I’ve said that) so getting angry about that she attacks Kang Sera who is a master and proceeds to chuck her off the building. But Jinie grabs onto the railing and stops herself falling off  and has abit of a shout at Kang Sera, who then tells her Shioon isn’t dead. And with amazing timing just as she leaves Shioon wakes up a wee bit dazed, annoys Jinie for having a secret.

Then theres a go back in time thingy… when Shioon and Kang Sera were talking on the rooftop. She tells him he is going commit suicide by jumping off the roof, but Shioon says somethings that really mean him asking why and she says its because Goomoonryong killing her Grandpa. She changes what she says and tells Shioon to bring Goomoonryong to her in one weeks time if not her vengeance will be directed to Shioon instead. Then he passes out thanks to the tea.

EDIT: I’ve been meaning to reread the Breaker for ages and I just did it throughout out the whole after noon (about 4 hours? straight, well not really afternoon anymore since it’s 1h00) but it made me realise why I loved the Breaker so much in the first place and gives me more hope for New Waves. So stick with it, and if your getting bored reread the Breaker!


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