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New Waves – Chptr 15 is OUT!

Wow, Ares 199, New Waves 15 and Witch Hunter 58 are all out! Yayy! But I’ll come back and  actually put something slightly more worthwhile here late but There hasn’t been any decent releases for ages! I think I might be a bit spoilt on manga!

I just finished Witch hunter and why do they all want to kill Yue? Yes he is annoying sometimes but not everything he has done is wrong! and Ares 199 is pretty much all fighting, and NW training.


A Year? Really?

I was just looking at an old blog and there was a tribute to Ace dying and the post was dated 25th Feb 2010. Has it really been a year? What’s happened since then? 1.Luffy escapes. 2.Luffy trains 3.Crew reunited 4. A months break from serilisation. 5. Arrive at Fishman island. Is that all that’s happened? Sorry It’s just wierd…

But Bleach has been getting better I still think the previous week’s was better but it’s much better than usual and making me look forward to the next chapter, but OP on the other hand isn’t so good. I also waiting anxiously for the last volume of Ares! partly because although it’s unlikely I wouldn’t put it past the author to make Ares loose… And there hasn’t been a Cheese in the Trap release in ages! Making me miss it. But then again D.Gray-Man will be out soon but I might miss the release ’cause I’m away for a wee bit.

Sorry this is just a general rant on my Manga at the moment, my brain hurts too much to do anything else but hopefully tomorrow will be better because I’ve had some crap days. Well, it’ll all have to even out. So I’ll stop moping. Anyway one positive is that I got another piercing only 2 more to go hopefully and I’ll have to start saving!

One Piece – Chptr 612

I though OP this week was really bad all that really happened is we found out how Caribou escaped and kidnapped mermaids for selling and where Zoro (or Zori) was. Plus is has making a sunny ship afterwards…. `But I did like the big colour pictures of the crew they’re nearly always really good! But what I would quite like to read is this weeks Bleach ’cause the last one was unusually good, I’m also trying to read Naruto but I’ve haven’t managed to get past chapter 35 in a while.

Amazing Art

Well, with not much happening this week, OP wasn’t particularly interesting and no good releases recently apart from the Vol 25 of Ares. But I did manage to find a group of amazing Webcomics here. . They’re a group of Artists each with their own comic, and the art is so beautiful and amazing especially Cassandra Jean, and the plots are good as well, it helps that they’re the Apocalyptic type that I like. That’s the only criticism I would make is that they have similar settings and there is hardly any chapter out, but heres some art by Cassandra Jean.

Soo pretty! I would recommend SIN and Land of Lions first but I haven’t read them all but the ones I have read have been really good, the Bottled Prince is also good and I’m curious where it is going. EDIT: I just remembered NW came out and I haven’t posted anything so I’ll try and do it tomorrow after work, it was okaaay…

Ares – Vol 25

Lucky! I just found the whole of Vol25 of Ares has been published! Yaay! And it’s completed! 26 volumes so only one left, I’m sad it’ll be finishing but hopefully it’s not because it’s been discontinued like his other series, but it actually has a proper ending because if it doesn’t it’ll be a shame! Well, I’d better get started on those 177 pages.

Argh! It ends at the worst possible point! I really want to read the next volume, I want to know what happens!

Soul Eater Not! – Chptr 1

Bummer rehersals have started again so I have no free time, but exams are over and onto the next module! Wopee… But this cheered up my day, it’s a nice side story to Soul Eater with a new character, a younger Freshman Weapon who wants to become a Hero, It’s nice ’cause it barely involve the main characters just in the corridor and walking past, and I hope it stays that way. Not much really happens just she arrives and then has a fight and wins. But it’s worth reading if you like Soul Eater.

New Waves – Chptr 13

I relly quite liked this chapter of New Waves despite nothing much happening, Jinie was getting overwhelmed by Ji Gun because he is a master level despite being quite young, but that isn’t that uncommon really if you look at Hyuk So-Chun. Shioon was also kinda going along the same lines, so I kinda wish they’d move on, and stop forcing the point.

Ji Gun was just going after knocking Jinie around abit when Shioon tells him not to touch Saehee, but Ji Gun questions what he could actually do with no Ki. Then Ji Gun hits him and says how he’s all talk, and hates that and brings up Goomoonryong’s name, which angers Shioon making him try and punch Ji Gun, but misses. Hardly any of Shioon’s punches ever connect, like when he was fighting So-Chun, yes he’s master level, and Chang Ho but he does miss loads, but I ‘spose his punches are very powerful. Ji Gun finger punches him again making his muscles go into a spasm, so he couldn’t do anything and was in pain for 10minutes. After that Jinie manages to convince Shioon to go to the Sunwoo clan, and calls her Grandpa. When she comes back Shioon was shaking from fear and she’s disappointed not because he’s afraid but because hi Ki centre was destroyed so he could be messed up like that. I really liked that bit and the whole chapter really because it’s turned the story around.