Five – Chptr 42

I’m so happy! After being depressed that Coyomoose had shut down so my means of reading Five had disappeared! It’s restarted! Although chapter 42 wasn’t all that good, I’m just soo happy it’s back! But I’m trying to do the breakdown while reading and getting distracted by other series, like I’m reading Five chapter 24 hoping to read up to Ch42 to do the breakdown but I also found [switch] ch28+ which I have been trying to find forever! I’ve also found a online Webcomic called SIN and I really like the setting. PLUS! I’ve got to revision and I’ve got work tomorrow and got asked to go in early and do a couple of extra hours… So I’ll probably sort everything out and come back later tonight to finish it.

Sorry, I finally managed to get round to it! I’ve got soo much to do at the moment its silly but I don’t have normal timetable either at the moment and that helps. But back on track, it starts with Hina going shopping with Dari. And in the previous chapter Yamachika tells Kojirou that Mishima Urahara is visiting and Kojirou acts funny and annoyed confusing Hina. Who tells Dari when they are shopping. Dari just gets annoyed that she’s talking about them. I love Dari! Hina sees two men picking on a young girl so naturally goes to hep her they end up spliting ‘casue the guys had run away but they were getting shouted at. And poor Dari got worried where his sister went. It also turns out that the child is 16 when she looks about 10, but Hina tells the others about her back at school.

Kojirou is still in a bad mood and HIna asks Toshi about it and they say that Kojirou can’t deal with small cute things and his cousin has abit of a complex, going off on one when girls are close to him. But it means she’ll hate Hina for being friends with him too. Then the person is question arrives and surprise surprise it the girl who Hina helped.Like the Guys said she starts shouting and getting pissy about Hina and eventually Toshi steps in annoyed. Hina kinda sticks her food in it abit saying that Urahara shouldn’t think of her as a girl and Urahara tells Hina she’ll take her down by any means possible. Hopefully this arc will be better than this chapter because I wasn’t too keen on this chapter, but I’m sorry it took an age to write and It’s not that good either…


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