Soul Eater – Chptr 80 and 81

Noone has visited me in 3 days! So I’m slightly sad so I’m gonna talk abooout Soul eater which was also quite sad… Mainly because Tezca died, And I though he was a good character but then he just dies!! Unfair! But that was actually in Ch 79 but the last three chapters have kinda merged together.

But the Spartoi who were in the book come out and face Noah telling the teachers to go and watch. Then Noah has a little rant about how he will rule the world in an evil villain way, which is a shame ’cause he was a good villain before he went normal villainish. Kid and Black Star go mad and attack Noah with Maka backing them up. Meanwhile Blair and Kirik cover them from above and Justin appears to have a fight with the teachers. Well, actually he was just around Noah so he could locate the Kishin and doesn’t really want to fight but go and see his god. But Noah did show abit of returning to his normal bad self when he was taking about taking Kid back into the book so he summons a huge monster.

The next chapter starts with the monster eating a Gramlin and a grave for the Gremlin appearing on it’s back. Noah talks about world domination again so Kid says how he is not suited to rule the world and then  the Spartoi go in and kick ass. But from then on I got abit confused Noah is dead but the book survived? Kid’s attack also confused me because it seemed to be made up of oxymorons. But Justin managed to join up with Kishin which is goo for him, and there are loads of clowns which I like.


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