One Piece – Chptr 610

Finally the Jump is back! and it seems most of my favorites are releasing too! Chapter 17 of the chaser came out and was short but good! But FIVE 43 came out too but that wasn’t good at all. I also finally got round to reading Fairy Tail 217, and I read the new Bleach which was actually quite good as good as OP this week I’m sad to say…

Anyway it’s good that Sanji’s fine and all I thought they were going to make more of a deal out of that but the pirate twins were funny. And it’s also shown because Luffy nearly died from Markarov?’s poisoning in Impel Down he’s pretty safe from poisoning, and this octopus guy is strong blocking Luffy’s punch so they’re bound to have a fight at one point especially as he was saying it would be bad if Luffy dies.The Guy from the barrel has escaped to so he’s bound to be trouble but he doesn’t seem that strong. Sorry I’m bad at remembering names today and spelling. But they’re staying at a mermaid’s cafe owned by SHirley a fortune teller. Luffy and Usupp with Keimi go off and visit Pappug who is with Brook, so the ones missing are Franky, Nami, Zoro and Robin. Zoro is probably wondering round lost somewhere but I wouldn’t be surprised if something has happened to Nami with the Fishmen Pirates and Franky and Robin are probably together.. I think Van Der Decken will pop up again because they’re talking about him too! and what’s happened to the Kraken? Fishman Island has also been taken over by Big Mam after Whitebeard’s death, because Fishman Island can’t survive without a big pirate protecting them like what was said when people were talking about Whitebeard. And at the end of the chapter Shirley had a premonition that Luffy will destroy Fishman Island…. Well. Okay. So now all the crew will be wanted again but that’s normally how it works out.


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