New Waves – Chptr 13

I relly quite liked this chapter of New Waves despite nothing much happening, Jinie was getting overwhelmed by Ji Gun because he is a master level despite being quite young, but that isn’t that uncommon really if you look at Hyuk So-Chun. Shioon was also kinda going along the same lines, so I kinda wish they’d move on, and stop forcing the point.

Ji Gun was just going after knocking Jinie around abit when Shioon tells him not to touch Saehee, but Ji Gun questions what he could actually do with no Ki. Then Ji Gun hits him and says how he’s all talk, and hates that and brings up Goomoonryong’s name, which angers Shioon making him try and punch Ji Gun, but misses. Hardly any of Shioon’s punches ever connect, like when he was fighting So-Chun, yes he’s master level, and Chang Ho but he does miss loads, but I ‘spose his punches are very powerful. Ji Gun finger punches him again making his muscles go into a spasm, so he couldn’t do anything and was in pain for 10minutes. After that Jinie manages to convince Shioon to go to the Sunwoo clan, and calls her Grandpa. When she comes back Shioon was shaking from fear and she’s disappointed not because he’s afraid but because hi Ki centre was destroyed so he could be messed up like that. I really liked that bit and the whole chapter really because it’s turned the story around.


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