A Year? Really?

I was just looking at an old blog and there was a tribute to Ace dying and the post was dated 25th Feb 2010. Has it really been a year? What’s happened since then? 1.Luffy escapes. 2.Luffy trains 3.Crew reunited 4. A months break from serilisation. 5. Arrive at Fishman island. Is that all that’s happened? Sorry It’s just wierd…

But Bleach has been getting better I still think the previous week’s was better but it’s much better than usual and making me look forward to the next chapter, but OP on the other hand isn’t so good. I also waiting anxiously for the last volume of Ares! partly because although it’s unlikely I wouldn’t put it past the author to make Ares loose… And there hasn’t been a Cheese in the Trap release in ages! Making me miss it. But then again D.Gray-Man will be out soon but I might miss the release ’cause I’m away for a wee bit.

Sorry this is just a general rant on my Manga at the moment, my brain hurts too much to do anything else but hopefully tomorrow will be better because I’ve had some crap days. Well, it’ll all have to even out. So I’ll stop moping. Anyway one positive is that I got another piercing only 2 more to go hopefully and I’ll have to start saving!


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