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Ares Ares Ares!! – Chptr 200-204

Oh Lords! I just saw it’s out and I’m really annoyed because I was just checking my emails quickly before I have to go out again. So I can’t read them till later, but is it the end then? Is 204 the last chapter? (I imagine some people are logically thinking why are you posing here if you don’t have time to read them read them instead, and yes I agree with you just I had to write my excitement somewhere!).

I also can’t convert the files easily because they’re so big so I’ve got to wait until there uploaded onto readers of separated… Smelly. UPDATE: The files have been loaded up separately so all I have to do now is convert them and download them again! So complicated! But also d.Grey-man should be out soon if not in the next couple of days! That cheers my days up, so there is probably a slightly too overexcited post coming this way.


Fairy Tail – 223

Okay that’s slightly weird my views have spiked in the past couple of days, so thanks for looking at this blog. But I really liked Fairy Tail this week and thats why I’m posting about it, you can probably tell that if I don’t like the chapter that much I won’t bother.

But anyhow back on track. So it starts on the boat that the bad guys destroyed a couple of chapters ago and Captain Laharl was just commanding everyone to start attacking when Mest turns up and explains that Grimoire Hearts is also on the island. Mest goes to report but then Laharl mentions that Chairman Gran Doma is strict when dealing with Evil and he might resort to using Etherion (aka big bolt of light that destroys everything mentioned ages ago in anther arc, the one with Brain in I think.). Lucy, Loki, Grey and Cana are facing off with Capricorn, outraged at their plan to kill off all with no magic (would that include Lucy to? ’cause she just calls of spirits but actually has no magic herself.) but then Loki stops them and tells them to go and fight with the other because Capricorn is a Celestial spirit like him. The magic he uses is like Lucy’s but reversed, he uses Humans to fight for him, it also weakens humans magic. But doesn’t  work on Loki ’cause he’s a spirit. Lucy then goes to say something but Loki cuts her off, and that makes me curious as to what she was about to say, especially as Capricorn didn’t realise till later that she was Lucy Heartfelt. Then Loki and Capricorn start fighting and Capricorn asks about Loki’s master so he can make Lucy his subordinate like how she does to her spirits. He has a flashback of Lucy’s um telling him to comeback that is when it clicks that lucy is Lucy Heartfelt and Capricorn freaks out saying that he wants to kill Lucy.

I’m really curious about the story behind what happened to Capricorn and Lucy’s mum. But I hope this doesn’t make Lucy special because I quite liked her being fairly normal compared to other main characters in other mangas.

New Waves – Chptr 16

The Breaker is getting soo much better! I can’t wait to read the next one! Chapter 17 was good because it’s finally explaining about Shioon’s Ki centre and what’ll happen to it. Shioon’s been getting intensive training from Elder Jeon, which is basically to knock Shioon unconscious lots and make him so tired that he can’t carry on. But he gets unexpected results when Shioon leaves nearly dead the night before but turns up ready to go and full of energy the next day. Jeon takes him to the ‘Genius Doctor’ Bae Seung-Jae, to ask him about it because it shouldn’t be happening especially tat Shioon is also getting stronger. And because Shioon had eaten the Ilworlshindan (aka the divine pill of one moon) he is a ‘walking spirit medicine’, so he filled with so much Ki although he can’t distribute it he still has a HUGE amount of Ki, and thats why all his injuries still heal quickly. But I wonder if he can’t distribute it, he shouldn’t be able to do techniques, like Soul-crushing Strike, unless he finds another way to distribute his Ki. But his punches should still pack alot. Jinie was also wondering about how Shioon feels about her.

Bleach – Chptr 436

Sorry for not posting for a while, I was away over the weekend and came back and all my teachers happily dumped work on me.. Yay! But I hate to say it but recently I’ve been preferring Bleach over OP, but only because the story in Op isn’t too good at the moment and I’m getting bored and the plot in Bleach is actually getting good, meaning there about on the same level. Although I have to say this weeks Bleach isn’t as good as the previous weeks. This chapter basically explained what Giriko’s Fullbringer power is like Riruka’s Dollhouse was explained a couple of weeks ago. Basically he puts ‘timers’ on things and if they don’t complete the conditions they are burnt to nothing and it can’t be stopped once started. Sado gets annoyed at this and then tells Ichigo that it is Pride that activates their power, and Ichigo must find a time when he was proud of being a Shinigami, but it gets slightly cheesy when Ichigo says he can’t think of one time because there are so many. And it activates! but it looks like a swastika, which is slightly worrying…

Sorry it didn’t go into much detail so I might come back and add more details when I’m more awake. But all I ever really post on here is being tired.. so sorry for my wineing. But one day I’ll post when I’m energetic and It’ll be a mile long post…

D.Grey-Man 203

Ahh! It’s sooo good! ANd I’m glad it came out now because I was worried it wouldn’t come out till the weekend when I’m away! But soooo gooood! So the Earl isn’t very well and was disturbed by something, it think its because the cardinal started using his powers and the Earl realised it because Tikki and Road turned up so soon after and knew about him. But when the cardinal was ‘helping’ Allen Link gets worried and tries to attack the cardinal, but he was too quick and ends up getting attacked and knocks Link out and removes his memory of his visit wether he actually managed to remove them I don’t know ’cause Allen saw Link being attacked and attacked him, despite all the bonds he has on him to stop him attacking for when he becomes a Noah. The Cardinal dosen’t die though but says ‘there is being more unevenly and deeply connected to innocence than you’, I think has something to do with Allens sync rate, because it’s already high enough to be a General and it saved him. And the Cardinal tries to merge with Allen.

It also shows that the Cardinal is the one who killed general Cross, but that doesn’t prove that he’s dead yet. (I live in hope!) But then Tikki and Road appear, and attack the Cardinal, he also says he found it! So I’m guessing he’s referring to to what the Cardinal is(later), meanwhile Road goes and hugs Allen in typical Road style and Tikki realises how shaken up Allen is from the attack. And the Cardinal gets up and Allen senses innocence and Tikki explains that the Cardinal is just innocence that acts independently, it’s soul purpose is to protect the heart called Apocryphos.