D.Grey-Man 203

Ahh! It’s sooo good! ANd I’m glad it came out now because I was worried it wouldn’t come out till the weekend when I’m away! But soooo gooood! So the Earl isn’t very well and was disturbed by something, it think its because the cardinal started using his powers and the Earl realised it because Tikki and Road turned up so soon after and knew about him. But when the cardinal was ‘helping’ Allen Link gets worried and tries to attack the cardinal, but he was too quick and ends up getting attacked and knocks Link out and removes his memory of his visit wether he actually managed to remove them I don’t know ’cause Allen saw Link being attacked and attacked him, despite all the bonds he has on him to stop him attacking for when he becomes a Noah. The Cardinal dosen’t die though but says ‘there is being more unevenly and deeply connected to innocence than you’, I think has something to do with Allens sync rate, because it’s already high enough to be a General and it saved him. And the Cardinal tries to merge with Allen.

It also shows that the Cardinal is the one who killed general Cross, but that doesn’t prove that he’s dead yet. (I live in hope!) But then Tikki and Road appear, and attack the Cardinal, he also says he found it! So I’m guessing he’s referring to to what the Cardinal is(later), meanwhile Road goes and hugs Allen in typical Road style and Tikki realises how shaken up Allen is from the attack. And the Cardinal gets up and Allen senses innocence and Tikki explains that the Cardinal is just innocence that acts independently, it’s soul purpose is to protect the heart called Apocryphos.



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