Bleach – Chptr 436

Sorry for not posting for a while, I was away over the weekend and came back and all my teachers happily dumped work on me.. Yay! But I hate to say it but recently I’ve been preferring Bleach over OP, but only because the story in Op isn’t too good at the moment and I’m getting bored and the plot in Bleach is actually getting good, meaning there about on the same level. Although I have to say this weeks Bleach isn’t as good as the previous weeks. This chapter basically explained what Giriko’s Fullbringer power is like Riruka’s Dollhouse was explained a couple of weeks ago. Basically he puts ‘timers’ on things and if they don’t complete the conditions they are burnt to nothing and it can’t be stopped once started. Sado gets annoyed at this and then tells Ichigo that it is Pride that activates their power, and Ichigo must find a time when he was proud of being a Shinigami, but it gets slightly cheesy when Ichigo says he can’t think of one time because there are so many. And it activates! but it looks like a swastika, which is slightly worrying…

Sorry it didn’t go into much detail so I might come back and add more details when I’m more awake. But all I ever really post on here is being tired.. so sorry for my wineing. But one day I’ll post when I’m energetic and It’ll be a mile long post…


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