New Waves – Chptr 16

The Breaker is getting soo much better! I can’t wait to read the next one! Chapter 17 was good because it’s finally explaining about Shioon’s Ki centre and what’ll happen to it. Shioon’s been getting intensive training from Elder Jeon, which is basically to knock Shioon unconscious lots and make him so tired that he can’t carry on. But he gets unexpected results when Shioon leaves nearly dead the night before but turns up ready to go and full of energy the next day. Jeon takes him to the ‘Genius Doctor’ Bae Seung-Jae, to ask him about it because it shouldn’t be happening especially tat Shioon is also getting stronger. And because Shioon had eaten the Ilworlshindan (aka the divine pill of one moon) he is a ‘walking spirit medicine’, so he filled with so much Ki although he can’t distribute it he still has a HUGE amount of Ki, and thats why all his injuries still heal quickly. But I wonder if he can’t distribute it, he shouldn’t be able to do techniques, like Soul-crushing Strike, unless he finds another way to distribute his Ki. But his punches should still pack alot. Jinie was also wondering about how Shioon feels about her.


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