Fairy Tail – 223

Okay that’s slightly weird my views have spiked in the past couple of days, so thanks for looking at this blog. But I really liked Fairy Tail this week and thats why I’m posting about it, you can probably tell that if I don’t like the chapter that much I won’t bother.

But anyhow back on track. So it starts on the boat that the bad guys destroyed a couple of chapters ago and Captain Laharl was just commanding everyone to start attacking when Mest turns up and explains that Grimoire Hearts is also on the island. Mest goes to report but then Laharl mentions that Chairman Gran Doma is strict when dealing with Evil and he might resort to using Etherion (aka big bolt of light that destroys everything mentioned ages ago in anther arc, the one with Brain in I think.). Lucy, Loki, Grey and Cana are facing off with Capricorn, outraged at their plan to kill off all with no magic (would that include Lucy to? ’cause she just calls of spirits but actually has no magic herself.) but then Loki stops them and tells them to go and fight with the other because Capricorn is a Celestial spirit like him. The magic he uses is like Lucy’s but reversed, he uses Humans to fight for him, it also weakens humans magic. But doesn’t  work on Loki ’cause he’s a spirit. Lucy then goes to say something but Loki cuts her off, and that makes me curious as to what she was about to say, especially as Capricorn didn’t realise till later that she was Lucy Heartfelt. Then Loki and Capricorn start fighting and Capricorn asks about Loki’s master so he can make Lucy his subordinate like how she does to her spirits. He has a flashback of Lucy’s um telling him to comeback that is when it clicks that lucy is Lucy Heartfelt and Capricorn freaks out saying that he wants to kill Lucy.

I’m really curious about the story behind what happened to Capricorn and Lucy’s mum. But I hope this doesn’t make Lucy special because I quite liked her being fairly normal compared to other main characters in other mangas.


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