Ares Ares Ares!! – Chptr 200-204

Oh Lords! I just saw it’s out and I’m really annoyed because I was just checking my emails quickly before I have to go out again. So I can’t read them till later, but is it the end then? Is 204 the last chapter? (I imagine some people are logically thinking why are you posing here if you don’t have time to read them read them instead, and yes I agree with you just I had to write my excitement somewhere!).

I also can’t convert the files easily because they’re so big so I’ve got to wait until there uploaded onto readers of separated… Smelly. UPDATE: The files have been loaded up separately so all I have to do now is convert them and download them again! So complicated! But also d.Grey-man should be out soon if not in the next couple of days! That cheers my days up, so there is probably a slightly too overexcited post coming this way.


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