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Update 1

Okay here I go:

1. Monthly Jump SQ is expected to be delayed (Probably 2-3 weeks) so Claymore (Chptr 114) and D.Grey-man (Chptr 205) will be delayed. (Mentioned on MangaStream about a week ago.)

2. Cheese in the Trap is currently not being edited, because of the Authors wishes. Announcement form Webtoonlive by maxcmoi:

Hello,I’m pretty sad to announce you that we won’t be scanlating Cheese in the trap for now. The author stated he/she didn’t want his/her webtoon translated, since naver has the diffusion rights and all… But we are trying to find a solution to continue the scanlations. It may take some time before we can start scanlating this webtoon again. You will have to wait until sometime in February to know if we will continue or if we will drop the project.

We are doing our best ;)For the impatient ones you can read the raws for the last chapter here:

PS : don’t e-mail the author, nor post a message on his blog please. It would only worsen the current situation. We are working on a solution, except news soon.

But translations of chapters 25-38 so far can be found here and please thank the translator yuko1909 and the actual manga here.I will also try and post updates of when the next chapters have been translated.

Also if anyone knows any useful updates, like the ones above please comment or email me.



I was thinking about, if you like manga and read abit it’s super useful for keeping track on what manga you read and about new releases ect. and if you haven’t found out about it yet heres a link. And if anyone from Baka-Updates  ever does come across this post I would like to say thank you for all your hard work maintaining the site.

But something that Baka-Updates doesn’t do or simply I haven’t found it yet is, updates about what the Jump is doing or simply where you can read/download the manga. In most cases though you can just get it from the scanning groups site. So I was thinking about posting links up here as to where you can download the manga from, and/or where you can read it online from and various other bits of information like whats happening to various series. I will only post releases for the series that are harder to get hold of or their releases don’t come up on update sites.

So I’ll try doing this for a while but I nothing really happens I’ll probably stop if it’s not useful to anyone.

Spring Preview

Reading others Spring previews I generally see whet looks good then see if it adapted from a manga but one that was quite noticeable was Hana-Saku Iroha, but it’s a shame I couldn’t find a manga for it. It seems alot like spirited Away which is such a good film! So I might stick with it for a while.

Also just incase you didn’t know the monthly Jump will be delayed so D.Gray-man will be out later than usual which is a shame but I’m amazed they’re getting it out at all really and thankful too. Something to read instead is Saiyuki Gaiden which was really good better than Saiyuki, and you don’t need to really know Saiyuki to read it I had only read a couple of chapters but Saiyuki Gaiden was really good and worth reading.

Inspirational Tweets From Japan. (via WRA)

I think this is a lovely post and just goes to show how people support each other in a disaster.
Praying for Japan and hoping nothing is added to the events already happened.

As the media continues to report on the rising death toll in Japan and possible nuclear fallout there have been inspirational stories leaking from a situation where nothing good can seem to come from. Please take the time to read these tweets from people affected directly or indirectly by this disaster. Find any way you can to donate to help the people of Japan. Not only because they’ve given us so much, but it’s the right thing to do for fellow … Read More

via WRA

D.Grey-man – Chptr 204

OH MY! Allen is no longer an exorcist but now a Noah so they’re all going to have to try and kill him! But the chapter wasn’t as good as the last but still fricking amazing. It sucks I have go to to rehearsals tonight so I’ll have to write a full breakdown later!

Okay lets get to it! Apocryphos, I googled it and the only thing I could really find was a vague reference to Holy Scriptures on a Spanish Wiki. But he/it has a relation to the heart like it was mentioned in the chapter before and the Noah have been looking for it for yonks! As in 7,000years! But He says he’s more like the Grim Reaper than any clue to the heart, so I kinda figured tat he just did the hearts dirty work. But we saw one of the Third Exorcists! Which I’m glad ’cause I quite like them but now working for the Noah, but that’s not too surprising seeing as they are part Noah and she’s created a barrier around the HQ so the Apocry. cannot escape. The Noah obviously knew he was going to come to Allen ’cause a)they turned up in time and b)Tikki says he fell into the trap. I’m curious though because of the Earl saying that Allen was going to join them and wanted to take him at the end of the last arc, or do I just have it wrong and they left him purposely to lure in the Apocryphos?

But him and Tikki fight for a couple of pages with Tikki getting pinned against the wall and he says he’s not like all the other ‘inexperienced’ innocence that they’ve fought before. Then Allen breaks out of his chains, but does that mean he was strong enough to break the bond that were on him or is it partly ’cause all the crow members are knocked out or those around the situation are.. But Allen gets angry because when he was joining to Allen, Allen saw that he had killed Cross (I would be angry too I liked him! But his death is still not absolutely confirmed. there’s still hope!) Allen’s Crown crown then reacts against him because innocence vs innocence doesn’t work especially when you own arm is on the other team. It seems to me  that the innocence only wants to suppress Allen’s memory of the 14th but then the 14th come out and takes over and says mean things enraging the Apocrysphos who then goes to super punch Allen but Road gets in the way. I knew she had a soft spot for Allen but didn’t think she would do that. Also Link comes to the rescue! Yaay! And he binds the Apocrysphos and releases Timcampy’s bonds who then eats them and escapes. But now Allen is declared a Noah and no longer a Exorcist! SO they all have to attack him when they see him! And he’s gone off with the Noah!

Only a whole months wait….