I was thinking about, if you like manga and read abit it’s super useful for keeping track on what manga you read and about new releases ect. and if you haven’t found out about it yet heres a link. And if anyone from Baka-Updates  ever does come across this post I would like to say thank you for all your hard work maintaining the site.

But something that Baka-Updates doesn’t do or simply I haven’t found it yet is, updates about what the Jump is doing or simply where you can read/download the manga. In most cases though you can just get it from the scanning groups site. So I was thinking about posting links up here as to where you can download the manga from, and/or where you can read it online from and various other bits of information like whats happening to various series. I will only post releases for the series that are harder to get hold of or their releases don’t come up on update sites.

So I’ll try doing this for a while but I nothing really happens I’ll probably stop if it’s not useful to anyone.


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