Update 1

Okay here I go:

1. Monthly Jump SQ is expected to be delayed (Probably 2-3 weeks) so Claymore (Chptr 114) and D.Grey-man (Chptr 205) will be delayed. (Mentioned on MangaStream about a week ago.)

2. Cheese in the Trap is currently not being edited, because of the Authors wishes. Announcement form Webtoonlive by maxcmoi:

Hello,I’m pretty sad to announce you that we won’t be scanlating Cheese in the trap for now. The author stated he/she didn’t want his/her webtoon translated, since naver has the diffusion rights and all… But we are trying to find a solution to continue the scanlations. It may take some time before we can start scanlating this webtoon again. You will have to wait until sometime in February to know if we will continue or if we will drop the project.

We are doing our best ;)For the impatient ones you can read the raws for the last chapter here:http://comic.naver.com/webtoon/detail.nhn?titleId=186811&seq=26

PS : don’t e-mail the author, nor post a message on his blog please. It would only worsen the current situation. We are working on a solution, except news soon.

But translations of chapters 25-38 so far can be found here and please thank the translator yuko1909 and the actual manga here.I will also try and post updates of when the next chapters have been translated.

Also if anyone knows any useful updates, like the ones above please comment or email me.


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