Update #7

I finally found out the shortcut for a # symbol!

Here’s a small update again today, okay turns out not to be so small…

1. Ares is completely scanned and the latest chapters can be found on the A-teams site. (Sorry if I confused anyone I originally wrote not completed and only just realised..Mind Blank! Amazing manga despite the art.)

2. Black Abyss and Twisted Curiosity are merging to form a new group Fallen Syndicate

New Beginnings…

After a long and continuous discussion, The Black Abyss and Twisted Curiosity have decided to come together; to merge and forum the new group Fallen Syndicate. We hope followers from both of our communities will continue to spend time with us here at our new forum and join us as we start a new chapter.

Please help us make FS the best group it can be.

Malenaah, AKZ, and Mai-Lynn

Fallen Syndicate

Their new forum is now found hereBlack Abyss is scanning Pandora Hearts and Kuragehime (recent releases, a full list can be found here.). Twisted Curiosity‘s full list can be found here. Their new baka-updates page is here.

3. Scum-scans and Japflap have both shut down

Scum-Scans has officially closed now (although their last release was 8 months ago). They were in the business for almost 6 years, but now it’s time to stop.

If you are interested in continuing their projects, please contact miyagiCE. They have some unused raws, translations, and cleaned pages.


c_k writes: Japflap closes its doors after providing 6 years of scanlation after receiving an email from VIZ MEDIA EUROPE requesting them to delete their releases from their site and to stop scanlating Naruto.

4. The translation of chapter 40 of Cheese in the Trap is up here. Please visit the arts site to up their hits and thank the translator.

I will update later with manga’s the groups were scanning and add more links in. Sorry but got to go and see family.


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