Update #9

Lots of scanning groups seem to be closing at the moment especially so quite big ones,

1. FrankyHouse Scans has apparently shut down the reasoning behind is here (Written by a editor). They’ve not released since 2010 but their last post was 18.2.11, and had nothing saying anything about shutting down in it, quite the opposite asking for suggestions for improvements and talking about upgrading servers. So I’m not entirely sure what is happening and it has been dead for a while but if it’s dead or dead dead I don’t know. A list of the series they were scanning is here. If you have any other info to help clear up confusion please comment!

2. Keishou is shutting down due to work/financial reasons.

Hi guys, it’s Zambo.

I come with some sad news to all… Keishou is going to be closing down indefinitely. We’re going to close the site and may or may not some day in the future start back up, but I doubt it.

One of the reasons why we’re closing down is because I just don’t have the time to be able to clean and typeset all of our releases because I’m having to do some work for my university assignment on the side and this takes up a lot of time, and I can’t ever find time to do that work.

Another is that I’m currently trying to save up money for a holiday, and every month, I’m having to dip into my savings to pay for the web hosting and raws.

We’ve had a great run and I thank you all for supporting us in these last two years, I can’t think of better fans than you, and I greatly appreciate all the people who donated their hard earned money just for us to stay alive, and also all the team members that worked with us who helped out with translations, cleans, typesets, redraws and with raw providing.

You’ll most likely see me around on the interwebs since we scanlators never really disappear, we’re always around, so if you ever want to talk to me, just google me up and try contacting me.

Goodbye, and thank you, Keishou, for teaching me everything I know and for making me who I am today.

— Zambo92

A list of the series they were scanning is here.


3 responses to this post.

  1. The site it’s self will not shut down (no idea why) but the group is dead.


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