Update #22

1.Just a warning I picked up from BakaUpdates:

Anonymous writes: The Go Comi site has been relaunched and claims to be the original company and it asks for
donations through a Paypal account. This is confirmed to be a scam.

The original article: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2011-05-12/go-comi-former-site-relaunched-under-false-pretenses

“The former gocomi.com website that I used to run has been turned into a scam by unidentified
criminals unrelated to Go! Comi, a company which no longer exists. It is not real. Do not donate.
Gonna [sic] my lawyers on them. Please share this post with manga fans and readers.”

Sorry but it’s likely all the updates are going to be late for the next couple of weeks because of Exams and I’m getting up at ridiculous o’clock and getting back at ridiculous o’clock and would rather go to sleep at the moment.


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