Update #29

It’s been a while but

1. Part 2 Chapter 1 of Cheese in Trap is out, that it explains why it was on break, but the chapters quite depressing but still good.

2. A couple of Mangamagazine.com updates – We Will draw near chapter 8

– The Soul Chasers Chapter 13

– And a new series called Vampire Fetish by LOOM

Jude Hawthorne can’t get seem to get published. Fortunately, his nightly vampire hunting exploits are sustaining the awful reality that is London rent. But it’s not an easy second job to hold. He doesn’t like it, for one. Vampires are stupid. And his unorthodox methods constantly get him into hot water with officials. Some higher-ups would like to see him thrown into a mental asylum. Should he give up vampire hunting and risk unemployment? Can he manage to convince everyone that donning high heels and lipstick is completely sensible when done in the proper context?


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