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Update #29

It’s been a while but

1. Part 2 Chapter 1 of Cheese in Trap is out, that it explains why it was on break, but the chapters quite depressing but still good.

2. A couple of updates – We Will draw near chapter 8

– The Soul Chasers Chapter 13

– And a new series called Vampire Fetish by LOOM

Jude Hawthorne can’t get seem to get published. Fortunately, his nightly vampire hunting exploits are sustaining the awful reality that is London rent. But it’s not an easy second job to hold. He doesn’t like it, for one. Vampires are stupid. And his unorthodox methods constantly get him into hot water with officials. Some higher-ups would like to see him thrown into a mental asylum. Should he give up vampire hunting and risk unemployment? Can he manage to convince everyone that donning high heels and lipstick is completely sensible when done in the proper context?


Update #27

Lots of updates from

1. Ugui Chapter 4

2. Long Arm Chapter 6

3. Bottled Prince Chapter 6

4. Land of Lions Chapter 19


Update #26

Hmm same as usual except:

1. D.Gray-man (would be Chapter 206) is on a break this month according to a tweet from MangaStream..(sucks!)

2.Black eyed Susan Chapter 8 is out

3. Aaand Midnight Hunters Chapter 13

4. Also Dragon Lullaby Chapter 8, all on

5. A Summary Compilation of Cheese in the Trap (Chapters 25-46) has been made of all the translations, because of the author not wanting it scanned at the moment. This week’s chapter is an extra so I’m guessing that’s why there’s no translation.

Okay it actually turns out to be quite a big post..

6. Usagi Drop has been released by /a/ Collective Scanlation and they also posted

If by any chance Scantily Clad releases a barrage of chapters after this, I will immediately stop my attempt at a scanlation project and let them do it.

I will also do this if  Hachimitsu-Scans new mystery project turns out to be Usagi Drop

They are also looking for Translators to help them out.

Update #23

1. Chapter 2 of Todd Allison & the Petunia Violet is out on

2. Chapter 18 of the Land of Lions is also up!

3. Chapter 45 of Cheese in the Trap has been translated and is up on Webtoon Live here.

I Love Cheese in the Trap so much, it’s so funny and realistic!

Update #21

1. The translation of Cheese in the Trap (Chapter 44) is up here.

Update #20

Just that:

1. Chapter 12 of the Soul Chaser is out on

2. And also We will Draw Near (Chapter 7)

Update #19

1. Land of Lions (Chapter 17) is out on

I’ve been rereading One Piece and have just finished the Thriller Bark Arc and I think Lola’s mum (Lola gave Nami a vivre card for her mum) is Big Mom as in one of the Four Emperors!