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Update #27

Lots of updates from

1. Ugui Chapter 4

2. Long Arm Chapter 6

3. Bottled Prince Chapter 6

4. Land of Lions Chapter 19



Update #8

1. Bottled Prince (Chapter 5) is out on

2. Also with Ares being completed just watch out if your reading it online, for example on their chapter 207 is about 20-30 pages short, and misses out a fair bit, normally you know if it’s finished of you get the back of the book pages and the credit page. But I though it was an amazing series, well worth reading, despite the art. Great plot.

3. Another notice made by bakaupdates manga was about Tokyopo.

It has been confirmed that Tokyopop is shutting down it’s North American publishing operations. However, their film and European divisions will still remain open. It’s still unknown what will happen to their licensed series. More information will be released in the coming weeks.

So could possibly vary some of the scans that scanning groups are scanning if the licensing rights go, but I expect they’ll stay pretty much the same. A list of the series they have published and licensed are here.

Amazing Art

Well, with not much happening this week, OP wasn’t particularly interesting and no good releases recently apart from the Vol 25 of Ares. But I did manage to find a group of amazing Webcomics here. . They’re a group of Artists each with their own comic, and the art is so beautiful and amazing especially Cassandra Jean, and the plots are good as well, it helps that they’re the Apocalyptic type that I like. That’s the only criticism I would make is that they have similar settings and there is hardly any chapter out, but heres some art by Cassandra Jean.

Soo pretty! I would recommend SIN and Land of Lions first but I haven’t read them all but the ones I have read have been really good, the Bottled Prince is also good and I’m curious where it is going. EDIT: I just remembered NW came out and I haven’t posted anything so I’ll try and do it tomorrow after work, it was okaaay…