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Update #27

Lots of updates from

1. Ugui Chapter 4

2. Long Arm Chapter 6

3. Bottled Prince Chapter 6

4. Land of Lions Chapter 19



Update #23

1. Chapter 2 of Todd Allison & the Petunia Violet is out on

2. Chapter 18 of the Land of Lions is also up!

3. Chapter 45 of Cheese in the Trap has been translated and is up on Webtoon Live here.

I Love Cheese in the Trap so much, it’s so funny and realistic!

Update #19

1. Land of Lions (Chapter 17) is out on

I’ve been rereading One Piece and have just finished the Thriller Bark Arc and I think Lola’s mum (Lola gave Nami a vivre card for her mum) is Big Mom as in one of the Four Emperors!

Update #12

1. Land of Lions (chapter 17) and Dragon Lullaby (Chapter 7) are both out on

Update #6 has updated with Land of Lions (chapter 15), Shoku (chapter 7) and We will Draw Near (chapter 6)

Update 4

1.Just a small mention that Coyomoose Scans has moved to a new site here, sharing with the Yote. And they are currently scanning chapters 45-7 of FIVE. Other series that Coyomoose scans are Grape Pine by Furukawa Shiori (same Mangaka as FIVE). Haigakura by Takayama Shinobu, Mitsu Aji Blood by Mitsuki Miko, Sensei wa Ore no MonoKoibana! – Koiseyo Hanabi, and they have recently picked up Film Girl, but with no chapters published yet.

2. ALso a late message from

SIN Volume 1 now is ready for sale along side Land of Lions Volume 1, Two Keys Volume 1! For those of you who are waiting for international shipment, please be patient and we will get there soon! Check it out at

So please support you favourite authors!

3. Another late notice (Sorry!) the Cheese in the Trap translation is up here.

Update 2

1.A post from Mangacurse was

Unfortunately this will be our last release of HSDK (Histories Strongest Disciple Kenichi)  for now. We are trying to get better raws which will be at end of the april. When we do we will ask the other groups that care about HSDK before trying to pick up the series again.

but quite a few other groups also scan Histories Strongest Disciple Kenichi.

2. Black-Eyed Susan has updated with chapter 7 on Mangamagazine

3. I think I’ve found a couple of chapters of 07-Ghost but in livejournal, and on a private group with a password protected download. I’ll try and find out more about it and post up. But just so people know these livejournal scan groups (kinda) are so the manga translation is not waisted and is not taken for granted. (Preserve the translation was their words I think.)